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Harry Bergeest Shihan
Shibucho (Chief Instructor)

News Update

I have secured a site for the new Australian Shorei Kai dojo. I will be teaching out of the Martial Arts Education Centre In Mandurah, Western Australia. The address is #3 15 Kulin Way, Mandurah. I am also taking Matayoshi Kobudo lessons at the centre. As of yesterday, September the 23, 2014 I have held my first Shorei Kai practice with one student. I hope to have many more and to teach for a long time. Please come and visit me in Australia to train at the newest Shorei Kai Dojo.

It has been quite a while since I have updated this newsletter but now feel it is long overdue. It is now 4 years later and I am still teaching at the Martial Arts Education Centre they have moved to a new location. It still only takes me 10 minutes to the dojo though. There is quite a large martial arts presence in Mandurah and throughout greater Perth so getting new students is quite hard. My original students, Michelle Howells and Damian Whittaker are still with me and are Ni Kyu at present. They both travelled to Japan with me in 2017 and Michelle also accompanied me in 2016. I have three other adult students starting with Michelle’s husband Craig, 5th kyung, Matt Weis 7th kyu and Maurice Martelli. 8th Kyu. They are all dedicated and plan to stay for a long time. I have also gone through about 4 or 5 other students that did not stay. No kids yet as there is a Shoto Kan club here as well which has about 30 students.



I am still practising Matayoshi Kobudo and enjoying it very much. I started from the beginning and I’m now Ni Kyu with lots to learn. We hold senior belt practice once a month and get a chance to train with other weapons not necessarily at our level. This give me a chance to learn the Eku and Nunti as well as more advanced bo, tunkua, nunchaku and sai kata. We also practice bunkai with the weapons.

Harry Bergeest Shihan