Vic Hargitt
Hombucho Canada / USA

"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"


Congratulations go out to Bill Wiseman Sensei for his promotion to the rank of Yondan.


News Update

Vic Hargitt Shihan has been promoted by the directors of Okinawan Karate Do Goju Ryu Shorei Kai to the position of Vice President and will be responsible for all foreign dojos.



Congratulations, Vic Shihan.

Harry Bergeest Shihan





Summer 2014

Shorei Kai Canada Hosts Visitors From Japan


This year, 2014 we had the pleasure of hosting two young men from the Japan dojo. From the Hombu dojo we had Takashi Kawasaki and from Nakano dojo there was Kenta Suzuki, Takashi is 16 and Kenta is 23.



Kenta Suzuki and Takashi Kawasaki


We really enjoyed having them. It was some busy time for everyone and it was great that so many people stepped up and did things with them.



On July 25th I met them at Vancouver Airport and then we went to get some sleep at the home of Bill Wiseman Sensei and his wife Mickey.


On the 26th we toured Gastown, Stanley Park and Londsdale Quay. One heck of a lot of driving.



On the 27th we toured the Langley area.


Then on the 28th we drove to the Shuswap.  I had planned to take them via the Fraser Canyon but there were so many forest fires we came via the Coquihalla Highway instead.



After that it was a whirlwind tour with Dragon boat racing, tours to the Rockies, a helicopter tour, and a group whitewater rafting trip down the Adams River. Carol and I taught them both to water ski. Then came golfing, a few days of camping with Jean-Luc Sensei and Louise after which we then picked them up and went on a hike up Albas Falls. Jack Matches Sensei and Conrad Sensei also took them to Sun Peaks Resort to a Segway Tour, We did a Winery tour and the last day Russ McLeod and wife Susan took them for an Afternoon of Zipline riding.



On the  last evening we had a dinner with Russ and Susan, J-L and Louise, myself and my wife Carol. We then returned to Vancouver and finally did a karate practice with Surrey and Langley dojos.


I am sure they enjoyed their experience in Canada and hope they can return. I would like to personally thank all the people that did so much with them. Without you it would have been impossible.


Many thanks to all,

Vic Hargitt Shihan