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Darrell Brewer Sensei

Shibucho (Chief Instructor)




Congratulations go out to Silvino Martinez Sensei for his promotion to the rank of Shodan.

silvino martinez


Florida visit 2015 

While it does not always work out as an annual visit I did manage to get to visit the Florida dojo of Sensei Darrel Brewer for six days.

I spent quite a bit of time with Brewer Sensei discussing the Shorei-Kai and all of the ins and outs.

At dojo we spent most of the time adjusting very small things.

The students at this dojo should be commended for following the correct path of Toguchi Kaicho.

On Saturday January 31st we examined Silvino Martinez for Shodan.

He is aged 45 and his daughter Silvia has been Shodan for fours years now.

Silvino Sensei tested well with no errors or hesitation.

I welcome him to the Black ‘Belt Ranks of the Shorei-Kai.

We celebrated with dinner at Manny’s steakhouse.

On Tuesday night Brewer Sensei had a private training time and I really enjoyed this.

Overall the trip there was very gratifying and successful.

I thank Darrell Sensei and wife Denise for their hospitality.


Vic Hargitt Shihan



vic bb pres silvino

Vic Hargitt Shihan presenting Shodan Certificate to Silvino Martinez Sensei 



florida bb with shihan vic

Left to right: Darrell Brewer – Chief Instructor, Rachel Spinwack Sensei, Vic Hargitt Shihan

Silvino Martinez Sensei, and Sylvia Martinez Sensei