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Vic Hargitt Shihan
Fuku Kaicho (International Vice President, North American President)


Senior Belt Seminar 2017


Early August the three Senior Belts from Canada and the US were invited to a four day seminar in Japan. I will try and explain all that was done during the time.

Arrival was set for Saturday afternoon on Sept. 15th. Nose Sensei met us all at Narita and we went for dinner. Later we went to the hotel Modern Myoden for two nights.

On the Sunday we went to Nakano dojo for a day of training with all of the most senior belts.

Iijima Kaicho demonstrating a technique during the Senior Black Belt Seminar.

After a morning of training and a quick lunch break Ty Yocham was examined for rokudan performing Superenpai and the kaisai for that kata. He did very well and he used Chris Fay Shihan as his uke for the kaisai. Later in the afternoon he was approved for Rokudan. I was awarded Hachidan. This was not expected this at all and was a big shock to me.

Iijima Kaicho presenting Vic Hargitt Shihan with the rank of Hachidan (8th degree)


Ito Shihan, Vic Hargitt Shihan Hachidan, Ty Yocham Shihan Rokudan, with grading certificates and shihan certificates

 I was given certification as President of Shorei-Kan North America and Ty Yocham Vice-President and Chris Fay as Second Vice-President. We will try our best to make this a strong organization for the future.

Chris Fay Shihan, North American 2nd Vice President. Vic Hargitt Shihan, North American President. Ty Yocham Shihan, North American 1st Vice President

The next day we traveled to a resort area on an area call 99 mile beach. We had the hotel mostly to ourselves and the location had a fantastic gymnasium for us to use. We were on the dojo floor by 10:00 AM each day. Our new Kaicho Toshio Iijima led all of the classes and it was so informative to us all.

Iijima Kaicho assumed the position as Nose Sensei has retired and is now an advisor to Shorei-Kai.

One the first evening after training Iijima Kaicho gave a very good history lesson and talked of what he wanted to teach us during the remainder of the time. During the rest of the training we were able to do each and every kata, bunkai and kumite. We delved deeply into the application of each and every one. It was eye opening for all of us, the knowledge that was imparted. I found this far more beneficial to myself than attending a tournament. Also the friendship and brotherhood was beyond belief.

It is now our jobs to pass the lessons we have learned and the attitude of the Seniors, on to our students.


One of the benefits of the area we stayed at was the sashimi we had each meal. I have never had sashimi that fresh and abundant.

On our return to Tokyo area we returned to the Modern Myoden hotel for a couple of days. We did the usual shopping and went to Skytree the new tower in Tokyo.


I cannot say enough about what this trip meant to all of us and my thanks to Iijima Kaicho and Nose Shihan for teir help and guidance. Also to Ichiro Naito Shihan for his continuing, but very tiring translations during our visit.


Vic Hargitt Shihan.

Photo of Shorei Kan senior black belts in attendance at the seminar, Left to right:
Front row: Chris Fay Shihan, Ty Yocham Shihan, Ito Kozaburo Shihan, Iijima Toshio Kaicho, Nose Masaru Shihan, Vic Hargitt Shihan
Back row: Moroda, Hiroshi Shihan, Nikaido Shihan, Honda Yoshiyuke Shihan, Naito Ichiro Shihan, Kamei Koichi Shihan.