the shuswap karate dojo


Vic Hargitt Shihan
Fuku Kaicho
International Representative
President of North America

Jean-Luc Degroseilliers Sensei
Shibucho (Chief Instructor)

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 Shuswap Dojo Update Link 21 Sep 2020

Below you will find the links to the six home practice guides
Training Guide #1 – April 2020
Training Guide #2 – May 2020
Training Guide #3 – June 2020
Training Guide #4 – July 2020
Training Guide #5 – August 2020
Training Guide #6 – September 2020


Tiny Tots Karate

tiny tots karate shuswap dojo shoei-kan

Vic Hargitt Shihan has started a Tiny Tots Karate class at the Shuswap Dojo.
He is accepting children ages 6 – 7 and classes run from 5:15 till 5:45 P.M.
Every Tuesday and Thursday